Is Dental Sedation Safe?

Sedation can play a huge role in modern dentistry. For some people, it can even be the only way to get access to even the most common and simple procedures, like getting a filling.

Even though sedation dentistry is common, many patients still wonder if it is truly safe and whether there is any serious risk involved.

This short article breaks it down:

Why Is Sedation Necessary?

Most people assume sedation dentistry is used so that patients don’t feel pain while getting dental work. While some sedation options may affect pain, this is not the primary goal of sedation dentistry.

Sedation is used to ensure the patient feels calm and relaxed while getting their oral health restored. It can be used in various cases, such as:

  • Severe dental anxiety
  • Small children who cannot follow the dentist’s instructions
  • People with strong gag reflexes
  • Complex or lengthy dental work
  • People with motor disabilities who cannot sit comfortably through their appointment, etc.

Not all patients will need sedation. For instance, if you need a simple procedure like a dental filling and don’t suffer from severe anxiety, you can get your tooth treated without being sedated.

Your Lewis Center dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb your tooth and treat it without causing any physical discomfort.

Types of Dental Sedation 

There are four types of sedation used by dentists: 

  • Laughing gas: Also known as nitrous oxide, is a very mild sedative recommended for most patients, including small children.
  • Oral conscious: It involves taking some medications shortly before your dental procedure and is used when a stronger sedation effect is required.
  • IV sedation: It's similar to oral conscious, but the sedatives are delivered through an IV in a constant stream, which is why it’s recommended for longer dental procedures.
  • General anesthesia: The strongest type of sedation and is only used in a clinical setting and for major dental work and surgeries. 

How Safe Is Sedation, Really?

Sedation dentistry is perfectly safe when administered by a trained professional in a controlled setting.

If you need sedation, you’ll first consult with your dentist to see why this type of sedation works best for you. Apart from the required dental work, the dentist will also take into account your medical history to ensure they recommend the most appropriate type of sedation for you.

If you’re interested in sedation but are worried about its potential side effects, Dr. Harjyot Bhullar is happy to consult with you and help you discover your options.

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